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Ihya Tours is pioneering the Hajj journey. Our novel dual approach starts by distilling down the best features and offering just one complete package that includes everything. Instead of burdening you with choosing minutiae that cost thousands of dollars in difference between packages, we include everything in one simple package at the best possible price. At the sametime we honor our core commitment of having small groups paired with world renowned scholars. We organize very small groups of less than forty pilgrims per scholar to attain the maximum benefit.

Ihya Tours began with the idea that Hajj should be more than just 'Packages'. It should be more than hotels, buffet meals and luxuries. Hajj is about suhba, about a collective connection to the divine. Our intent at Ihya Tours is to provide you with a Hajj experience that lets you focus on the spirit of the Hajj. We are confident in our novel approach. Let us serve you in your endeavor to fulfill your religious obligation. You can browse all the details of our package by following our interactive guide below.

HAJJ 2020 (JULY 24th – AUGUST 7th)


  • Travel: From Jeddah to Makkah by bus to your hotel at Makkah.
  • Accommodation: Hilton Suites Hotel at Jabal Omar (5-Stars).
  • Breakfast and Dinner open buffet served at the hotel.


  • Travel: 8 Zil Hajj after breakfast to the Upgraded Premium Mena Camp.
  • Accommodation at Mena: Private upgraded air-conditioned tents next to jamaraat.
  • Daily open buffet service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at Mena.
  • Accommodation at Arafat: Upgraded air-conditioned tents is provided.
  • Food at Arafat: Breakfast, lunch buffet and drinks will be served during the day.
  • Unlimited refreshments available (cold juices, tea, coffee, ice cream and massage chairs).


  • Travel: Via high speed train to Medina and arrive at Medina Hotel.
  • Accommodation: Dallah Taibah Hotel (5-stars) at the Haram boundary.
  • Private buses available for ziyaraat.
  • Breakfast and dinner open buffet will be served at the hotel.


  • Small groups paired with traditionally trained scholars.
  • Seamless and hassle-free Hajj experience by a dedicated team prior to and during Hajj.
  • Complete end to end pilgrim and group care prior to and during Hajj.
  • Educate and support via pre-Hajj seminars, webinars, audio, video and written content.
  • Golf carts for elderly/disabled/VIP in Mena.
  • Private buses during Manasik.
  • Travel from Makkah to Medina by high speed train.
  • Ihya Tours care package.
  • Focus on Suhba and learning.

HAJJ 2020 (JULY 24th – AUGUST 7th)

Package Price $10,700 $11,300 $12,400
Hajj Fees $550 $550 $550
Udhiya/Qurbani $150 $150 $150
VAT $450 $450 $450
Total $11,850 $12,450 $13,550


  • Prices are based on Turkish Airlines itinerary.
  • Hajj fees and VAT are fixed costs levied by the Saudi government. If any change occurs Ihya Tours will notify in writing.
  • Cost of udhiya/zabiha/sacrifice is $150.
  • Prices are based on travel via JFK/IAD/ORD gateways. Other gateways are available extra fees maybe charged depending on the gateways.
  • Hotel rooms in Makkah and Medina are reconfigured during Hajj to accommodate the large number of pilgrims. For example, double rooms are converted to triple, triple rooms are converted to quad by adding rollaway beds. Rooms space will be tighter than what is reflected on the hotel websites.
  • Trip dates subject to change due to Hajj ministry rules, airline policy or local delays within Saudi Arabia.

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