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Register Now for Hajj 2020

Ihya Tours is pioneering the Hajj journey. Our novel dual approach starts by distilling down the best features and offering just one complete package that includes everything. Instead of burdening you with choosing minutiae that cost thousands of dollars in difference between packages, we include everything in one simple package at the best possible price. At the sametime we honor our core commitment of having small groups paired with world renowned scholars. We organize very small groups of less than forty pilgrims per scholar to attain the maximum benefit.

Ihya Tours began with the idea that Hajj should be more than just 'Packages'. It should be more than hotels, buffet meals and luxuries. Hajj is about suhba, about a collective connection to the divine. Our intent at Ihya Tours is to provide you with a Hajj experience that lets you focus on the spirit of the Hajj. We are confident in our novel approach. Let us serve you in your endeavor to fulfill your religious obligation. You can browse all the details of our package by following our interactive guide below.

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