Gift from Ihya Tours for our Hujjaj

1- Salat & Salam: In Praise of Allah's Most Beloved

A Manual of Blessings & Peace on the Prophet Muhammad (s). This short manual consists of over hundred and fifty invocations of blessings upon the Messenger of Allah (s) most transmitted from the Messenger s himself.

2- Prayer for forgiveness

This collection of seventy prayers for forgiveness is attributed to one of the greatest spiritual luminaries of the past, Hasan al-Basri.

3 - Cooling Towel

Uses hyper-evaporative PVA material to keep you cool in the desert heat.

4- Luggage Tags

Custom Hi-Viz luggage tags to identify your luggage easily.

5- Water Bottle

20 oz stainless steel double vacuum sealed to keep your zamzam ice cold.

6- SOI Hygiene Kit

All-natural & unscented. Includes: conditioning shampoo, hand & body wash, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, SPF30 mineral sunscreen, unscented deodorant, and anti-chafe cream.

7 - Journey 2+ Backpack & Resting Mat

Expandable (18L to 26L), anti-theft pockets, weather resistant, isolated shoe compartment, easy access pockets and openings. Built for comfort in the desert heat.

10 mm NBR Foam. Lightweight and dense to provide optimal comfort for prayers, resting and sleeping

9- Elements Umbrella

Guard yourself from the desert sun with UV resistance and SPF 50+ protection. Wind resistant frame.

10- Fabric shoe bag

Light yet sturdy. Convenient for quick trips to the haram.

11- Pocket Blanket

Lightweight and compact. Provides necessary cover and warmth for the overnight stay at Muzdalifah.

12- Deluxe Ihram set

100% Cotton Coolweave. Anti-microbial, anti-fray, soft and stitch-free.